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Friday, July 16, 2010

God,, give me strength.

challanges comes in all sorts of forms.
and sometimes i feel like i just cant take it anymore.
was stoned the other night.
and was feeling emotional than ever,, so i slit my wrist.

never did i expect that the person who never care for me.
was never in my life.
that person was the one who helped me through my breakdown.
and the person whos always been there for me,,
in a way backstabbing me.
sumpah tension.
im going out of my mind.

dgan nak finals lagi nie.
thx laa hoii.
rase mcm nak tdo taknak bgon.
bley tak.

for those that i just refrain myself.
im sorry.
i just dont like to share my problems.
eka,, mer.
im sorry.
hope neither of you takes it personally.
sometimes i just wanna be by myself.
tu yg kdg2 tak text.

my life is a living hell right now.
kalao mati pon takpe jgak.