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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

im lovin this one ! ;)

i call it :


was when everything was hot.
with bow and arrow my heart was shot.
eventhough there's so much things that you are not,,
unconditionally,, i loved you a lot.

like the colour of the sunrise.
everything about you just makes me mesmerized.
we took the risk and rolled the dice.
still,, everything turned out so nice.

was when everything was so bright.
when there were shadow,, you shed some light.
everything just felt so right.
even better,, we didnt have to hide.

is the colour of nature.
felt like you were my favourite flavour.
anything dull,, you turned it into colour.
you promised i will always be your flower.

was when you thought that i betrayed you.
you thought that i had found somebody new.
but i did nothing other than being true.
still you were so mad,, you started flirting too.

you fucked rena,, and i liked muffin.
but i loved you so much,, so i give in.
after a while,, we started laughin'.
we stayed together even without trustin'.

you looked me in the eyes and took my hand.
told me that you are in love with sue,, my friend.
you are so fucked up in your la la land.
i hope you burn in hell,, as i never wanna see you again.