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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

loud and proud.

siapa kata boleh hias bendera dkat kereta and rumah je ?
blog pon boleh lahh. ;)
selamat hari merdeka MALAYSIA !
thank you for everything !
sy mmg patriotik sbbb atuk sy dulu askar.
and without doubt,, IM PROUD TO BE A MALAYSIAN.

hello syawal !

where you know all would be forgiven.

Friday, August 26, 2011

0347 am.

have you ever got that feeling of you've tried you very best,,

but you just cant seem to live up to someone's expectation ?

it's tiring right.

it even hurt more when you cant do anything about it.

gahhhhh ! *tertekan. !

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

time to burn.

oh my oh my oh my !

where do i start. fuhhhhhhhhh. *deep breath*

lemme quote first,,
" your misery is my happiness " - yours truly.

ooookkkaaayyyyyy. here we go.

so i stalked her page.
meen's. using my bro's account. (since i've blocked her)
idk,, i just got the inkling to stalk tonight. pfft.

first off,, lemme make things clear.
some of u guys yg baca nie maybe akan terfikir,,
"farah nie terok lah. asal dy tak move on move on lagi ?"
"kenape msty suka bila tgok org laen sedih." "kenapa nak stalk ex yg dah lama break"
"kalao dah block,, kenapa nak amek tao lagi ?" "kenapa nak jaga tepi kain org ?"
okay,, jawapan utk semua persoalan korg :
i have all the fuckin' right to be angry and mad at her.
after all i gave up.
brape liter alcohol aku teguk sbb dy.
brape bnyk ganja aku dah amek sbb dy.
brape bnyk rokok aku dah hisap sampai sakit dada.
brape bnyk kesan toreh dkat tangan sbb dy !
and future aku yg dah musnah sbb dy,, aku quit uitm sbb dy !
kalao tak dah kerja by now dgan diploma tu !
wasted two fucking years of my life living in lies just to be betrayed in the end.
so yess,, i have ALL THE FUCKIN' RIGHTS to be mad at her forever.

so,, bukak page dy tdy.
i was stunned.
dy dah break dgan gf dy ?!
appearently,, that girl left her for someone else.
and all her updated status was about how she's hurting,, how she could turn back time. and bla bla bla.
ex :

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
Die dah jatuh jati kat org Lain
Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
Sumpah sakit nye hati aku
Sedih nye aku skang nih
Cepat nye die jumpe org Lain.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck
Aku xLeh handLe nih smua.
Mmg aku nk die happy
Oh fuck skt nye hati aku!!!!!!!!!!

i wish she'd read this : RASE LAH ! its your fuckin' turn.

theres one status she wrote bout why her ex's always took so lil time to move on and find a new one.
the question is how can you do that to some of ur ex's without even realizing it !

AAHHHH ! aku benci kao sampai mati !

perlu ke wey,, kao dah single,, kao nak buat list of you dreamgirl ?
ini di copy okay.

1. Lawa, hot, chun, chanteq dr ex2 aku sbeLum nih

2. Hati nya baik xterkata (aku dgiL pun die xkn marah sgt kat aku)

3. Jiwa innocent (so aku bLeyh ajar die cara aku coupLe cmner)

4. Setia xhabis2 (nk pandang penk Lain pun xkn ade sLera)

5. Sentiasa sggup bkorban dmi aku (sggup dtg jumpe aku dr jaoh)

6. Penting kn aku dr kwn2 die (mase diorg Lepak rmai2 pun die akan sentiasa SMS aku)

7. Sggup jujur & ikhLas dgn aku pasaL ape2 je (hari2 die akan bgtau aku pasaL ape jd dLm hidup die, xkira penting ke x die akan crite gak)

8. Reti buat suara manja yg bLeyh buat aku cair giLa (die kene buat dgn aku sorg je!)

9. Memahami situasi aku (cbe phm prob2 aku yg aku kene hadap)

10. Xkn berkira pasaL duit dgn aku (sbb aku mmg xkn bkira pasaL duit dgn coupLe aku)

11. Dengar ckp (aku Larang ape2 pun, die mesti ikut ckp aku, mLain kn die ade sbb yg munasabah)

12. Bukan jnis yg suke m'gataL (so that aku xkn ragu2 nk bawak die jumpe & knaL2 dgn geng2 aku)

13. xde pLan utk bkahwin Lgsung dgn Laki

14. Bukan bisex, xpnah coupLe dgn Laki, xpnah jd Lessy

15. KaLau aku xde, die akan jarang kLua g memane

16. KaLau die kLua pun, die xkn pkai sexy2

17. Sggup brumahtangga dgn aku, stay satu rumah ape sme

18. Umur Lingkungan 18-23

19. Sudi share sgaLa masaLah die dgn aku

20. Sggup hadap aku & bersabar biLa aku tgh bad mood giLe babi

KaLu korg knaL ade sesape yg AT LEAST ade 15 ciri2 drpd List atas nih pun dah ckup bgus Lah...siLa knaL kn kat sy yer...huhu

urghhhh. perlu ke dohh ?
kao ingt tak mcm mane kao buat aku dulu ?
luka dkat dalam hati kao tao tak !
aku sygg kao gila babi,, korban sume bnd.
and what did you do. went behind my back and fuck that bitch.

so now,, aku nak tny. sakit tak kne tinggal ?
sakit tak kena maen ? sakit tak bila kao tao dy ada org laen ?
sakit tak sygg dy selama nie.

tu pon kao couple dgan dy like what ? 5-6 bulan ?
fuck,, i was with you for two fuckin years.

bila aku sembahyang,, aku doa supaya hati aku tak busuk. tak sakit hati dgan kebahgiaan org laen,, tak bahagia dgan kedukaan org laen.
tapi tak boleh dgan kao.
maybe sbb sakit sgt dulu smp aku takkan maafkan kao sampai aku mati.
forgiving bukan bnd yang senang. tak semua org boleh buat.
hny org yang hati ikhlas and mulia je mampu.
aku belum dikurniakan keikhlasan tu lagi.
so im sorry. im sorry i cant forgive you.

and how i want you to know,,
my life turned 360 degrees after we broke up.
i've got arm and she's a million times better lover than you.
what i love most about her is the influence she brought into my life.
ikhlasnya dy dgan aku nampak gila smp mama boleh terima dy.
and they get along GREAT !

i love her and she loves me.
kao takkan dapat semua nie. kao takkan happy mcm aku skrg nie.
i believe in karma and i always will.

aku kejam ? aku terlalu sadis ? aku jahat ?
go ahead say it.
i'll go to sleep with satisfaction tonight. =)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

stripes of life.

i've been thinking bout what to write in my blog.

there are so many things to let out,, but when i start typing,,
i dont feel its proper. for example,, my last post titled 'steady as she goes'
which i removed because it was stupid.

so,, what do i write ?

should i write about how i miss her ? (as if its not obvious enough.)
should i write about my 'excitement' of the upcoming raya ? (joy,, as if im excited at all)
about meen ? (she's so dead to me)
friends ? (nothing to say)
damn,, life can be a bore sometimes ! urghhhh !

gotta admit,, having mood swings like crazy lately.
one thing not to love about being a girl. pfft.
like it or not. we will have mood swings that could make everyone annoyed.

in the end you'll be alone for a while before they come back to you.
cant blame anyone else but you.


note to self : in desperate need of temper control. hurm.