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Sunday, August 14, 2011

stripes of life.

i've been thinking bout what to write in my blog.

there are so many things to let out,, but when i start typing,,
i dont feel its proper. for example,, my last post titled 'steady as she goes'
which i removed because it was stupid.

so,, what do i write ?

should i write about how i miss her ? (as if its not obvious enough.)
should i write about my 'excitement' of the upcoming raya ? (joy,, as if im excited at all)
about meen ? (she's so dead to me)
friends ? (nothing to say)
damn,, life can be a bore sometimes ! urghhhh !

gotta admit,, having mood swings like crazy lately.
one thing not to love about being a girl. pfft.
like it or not. we will have mood swings that could make everyone annoyed.

in the end you'll be alone for a while before they come back to you.
cant blame anyone else but you.


note to self : in desperate need of temper control. hurm.