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Thursday, October 18, 2012

0405 am.

dear blog.
I've been very busy and i just couldn't find the time to actually sit down and write.
since using the tablet,, i dont use the laptop as much as i used to. only for assignments,, movies,, himym and L word. ;)

though i gotta admit. i do miss writing.
pouring my heart out without a care in the world of what anybody would think.
plus i no suck at writing and speaking in english since i practice it less and less everyday. ;(

currently in jb. no class for this semester. just business plan. (final project paper).
so meetings with the group members and adviser every now and then. therefore i have a lot of free time that i can make use of. instead,, me being me,, i spent most of the time with friends. doing things that are not actually useful. haha.

i dont even want to begin to talk about love life. so that's that.

am going to universal studio singapore for the second time in two days.
but this time with a few of college friends.
i have a feeling it will be legendary. =)

you see. im actually out of ideas of what to write. the inspiration to write is just not there anymore.
what have i become.