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Monday, May 9, 2011

rolling in the deep.

time : 1538.
date : 09052011.
loc : KLIA.

mama's flight was delayed for another hour. so i guess i'll be waiting here.
bro's here right next to me.
chocked down an entire whopper here at the BK. gahhh.

why the heck am i describing where i am right now ? HAHA !


it's been a while eh blog ?
bile bosan bru cari kao kan.
biase la tu. ngeee.

its been a week since sem break.
and i have accomplish NOTHING ! grrr.
did nothing,, just been fooling around.
tried to look for a job,, but nothing really came up.
who wants a temp anyway ? it's only for a month.
but i really wanna do something ! all due to boredom !
its killing me ! sheesh.

aside from that,, everything is great !

mama's okay.
loving my baby everyday.
friends are still cool.
yeah. life's okay.

ohh did i mention that exam went smoothly ?
heeee. xD cant wait for result !

loads to tell actually. but not a propper time and place.

so,, later ! =*