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Saturday, July 31, 2010

i can blog thru fone ? Whoaa.

No net connection at home.but thanks to the techonology these days,, i can even blog thru mobile.jakon. Haha. Been sleeping really late lately. Selagi tak suboh msty tak ngntok. Haihh. Went to melaka on tuesday but will tell u all about it some other time. I just miss blogging. Hee. Might be going back to jb tmorrow or the next day. Missing mama very dearly. Im sorry we faught. Im sorry i wasnt trying to understand u.i love you no matter how bad things get. We'll make it thru. We're still a strong family. You, me and bro. I'll see you very soon mamaku tomel. U're still the person that matters most in my life. Make no mistake bout that. And bro,, thxx for evrything. I'll miss u when u go back to kms. Till then.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

i vow.

dear blog.

im currently at my hometown,, kg tunku,, pj.
there are stuff needs to be settled tmorrow.
so had to cncle all my plans. ;(

sometimes i just sit back and wonder.
why does life has to be so darn cmplicated !
why do we have to have problems ?
why cant everything just comes easy in life ?
why cant i just live a happy,, carefree life ?

fuck it.
i know,, everything will just makes me stronger.
was watching the pursuit of happyness just now.
it gave me hope.
and made me realize,, there's always a silver lining.
and i know i can do it.
even on my own. and i need to make it through.

having everyone by my side,,
especially acap,, nina,, rezal,, mer,, muiz,, pojan,, faisal and syafiq
and all of my friends really touches me.
u had been there for me even without u knowing it.
u made me feel better when i was so down.
and thank youu very much.

i need to breakfree.
i need to move on.
i need to be somebody,, in order to achieve.
and i need to achieve in order to be a somebody.

so,, i vow to not let these kinds of things bring me down.
and God,, please be with me.
as i need u now more than ever.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cuti sem : TAKNAK BALEK JB !
boley tak ?

Monday, July 19, 2010


im sorry if you're hurt,, boo.
i truly am.

im sorry if i hurt you.
im sorry if u feel that ure nobody in my life.
u are somebody.
thought i made it clear.
thought i told you.

i wouldnt say the things that i dont mean.
im just in my darkest moments right now.
not that i dont want to share my problems with u.
but i dont see the point.

i tak cerita dkat sape2 pon.
even nina,, yg i kenal dr skola pon tak tao.
and of course,, you laa sygg.

please jgn terase dgan i.
really i do.

text me okay ?
boo,, i heartyou.

Friday, July 16, 2010

God,, give me strength.

challanges comes in all sorts of forms.
and sometimes i feel like i just cant take it anymore.
was stoned the other night.
and was feeling emotional than ever,, so i slit my wrist.

never did i expect that the person who never care for me.
was never in my life.
that person was the one who helped me through my breakdown.
and the person whos always been there for me,,
in a way backstabbing me.
sumpah tension.
im going out of my mind.

dgan nak finals lagi nie.
thx laa hoii.
rase mcm nak tdo taknak bgon.
bley tak.

for those that i just refrain myself.
im sorry.
i just dont like to share my problems.
eka,, mer.
im sorry.
hope neither of you takes it personally.
sometimes i just wanna be by myself.
tu yg kdg2 tak text.

my life is a living hell right now.
kalao mati pon takpe jgak.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hectic life,, dude.
damn hectic.

followed by unforgettable past that never fails to make me fee; miserable !
but,, what fuckin-ever !

Sunday, July 11, 2010

lets up the date. ;)

hello july !

first off.
happy belated bday,,boo !
sorry sgt2 i lupe wish the other day. heh.
smp skarang rase guilty. ;(

life's been okayy.
as usual. just trying to stay alive.
just surviving.
nawal is sleeping over tonite.
babe. im glad that we had a chance to do some catchups.
fuck,, i miss the three of us.
the tripod.

you,,me and nina.
susah sgt nak lepaq bertiga these days.
msty someone missing.
whatever it is,, both of ya'll are the best friends anyone could ever wish for.
we're practically sisters..babes !

eclipse : belom tengok lagii. ;(
classes : okayy laa. presentation the other day rawksss !
friends :
sham - dah blek jb.
nina - always m.i.a with rezal.
sue,,bax,,syuk,,syanaz,,haziq - lame gle tak hang. thx to iz and zima.
acap - always there. ;D
nawal - still got loads to catchup.
arm - ;)
unitar friends - semua masok air ! ahaha. and drama tak habes2 ! ;P

family : mama - been quiet for two days. hope she's doing fine.
bro - bz with his gf.
kak juju - imissyouu,,rabbit ! ;(
couzins - m.i.a.

meen : back in the picture. comes and go as she pleases.
boo : i rase mcm makin renggang dgan you. ;(
mer : always there.
bell : lost contact.
mier : imissyou.
naz : ble nak lepaq ?!

hm. lemme see. what else.
aahh. yess. the drammas.
ive got my hands full with drammas these days.
how on earth i managed that,, i myself dont know.
its tiring !
sickening. and boring.
im raising the white flag,,yaww.
tak larat dah. i dont want to have anything to do with it anymore.
ya'll should just come clean to each other.
im friends with everyone and dont make me choose sides.
enuff said.

peace out.