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Saturday, July 31, 2010

i can blog thru fone ? Whoaa.

No net connection at home.but thanks to the techonology these days,, i can even blog thru mobile.jakon. Haha. Been sleeping really late lately. Selagi tak suboh msty tak ngntok. Haihh. Went to melaka on tuesday but will tell u all about it some other time. I just miss blogging. Hee. Might be going back to jb tmorrow or the next day. Missing mama very dearly. Im sorry we faught. Im sorry i wasnt trying to understand u.i love you no matter how bad things get. We'll make it thru. We're still a strong family. You, me and bro. I'll see you very soon mamaku tomel. U're still the person that matters most in my life. Make no mistake bout that. And bro,, thxx for evrything. I'll miss u when u go back to kms. Till then.