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Monday, August 2, 2010

jayyy-to-the-beeee !

hey heyy heyyyy !
first off,, welcome august !
hope this will be a better month for me.
ramadhan is coming really soon.
thought of fasting tmorrow. just to prepare.

back in jB baby !
haha. rase mcm dah lame sgt3 tak balek.
a damn lot has changed.
jalan pon dah berubah. boley sesat wowowo.
a very warm welcome from mama.
she made chilli with garlic bread. awww.
thxx mama. knyggg. ;D
haha. and theres durian in the fridge.
DURIAN !!! heeeee. happy ow.
its nice to feel im actually home.

tuesday,, 27th of july 2010.

acap : "nak pergi mane ea ? aku bosan dah laa area subang and kL."
me : "tao tao laa dow. aku bosan jgak. jom pergi tempat laen ! "
acap : "mane ?"
just a few hours back zett,, my friend called me up. kinda missing her. its been ages since we hang out. so i suggested melaka. yeahhh.

we went to melaka. believe it. more spontanious,, ridiculous,, thrilling activity by us.
after a fine dining at strawberry field,, taipan,, we made our way.
thought about *lee. he was at uniten,, and we could really pick him up as it was on the way.
and he said he's in,, so there we were at uniten,, making our way.

boley plak acap lupe isi mnyk. and we were already in the highway.
and the nearest gas station was at seremban.
acap was speeding like hell. haha.
me and lee was silent then ever. semua org nak chuak. haha.
agak2 laa wey. it was almost 12 that time.
but well,, we made it. ;)

so another hour from seremban to alor gajah.
and zett said she would wait for me at wthe restaurant we ussually hang.
along with torok,, arab,, din and a bunch of other dudes i barely know.
so we arrived.

had a drink. and torok suggested to go to melakaraya.
as alor gajah was not lively AT ALL after 12. haha.
didnt know how i managed to survive there for two fuckin years.

zett wanted to go back home first before making our moves.
so went to taman intekma,, my former neighbourhood when i was living there.

i thought i'd meet up with meen for a while.
not to hang out,, but just to see her.
even for a minute.

so yeahh.
i went to see her. as she was living around that area as well.
no harm to see how ur ex is doing right ?
i mean its been months since ive seen her.
so much have changed.
idk. maybe i was all wrong.
maybe i wasnt myself that night.
acap and rezal was sooooo mad when i told them i wanted to see her.
but. whattahell. being me,, being the stubborn-me.

so i met her at the alley.
she came to me.
gosh,, what can i say. i wasnt nervous at all.
i wasnt shaking and sweating like hell,, like i used to,, the very last time i saw her. pfft.
i smiled and said "heyy."
she shaked my hands.
wierd that i felt nothing.
hm. we hugged.
the way she hugged me,,though. hm.
it was okay at first,, but then she held me tighter.
i was wishing i could stop the time.
fuck. i was missing her aite.
dont get me wrong. im soooo over her. and i wasnt hoping at all.
she was wearing the tee i bought her,, and a sweater.
and it was drizzling so she took it off and give it to me.
but i didnt take it.
i just asked if she was doing okay.
and thats it. the rain was getting heavier,, so i excused myself.
plus my friends were waiting.
it was less than 5 minutes. but i didnt regret it at all.
im glad to be seing her again.
she seemed okay.
her hair was getting longger though.
hm. its hard to put how i felt that night in words.
so maybe i'll just keep it to myself.

anyways,, we went to melakaraya.
clubs were closing by then. it was half past two.
so,, torok took us to this stall where they made the best asam pedas.
and i mean THE BEST !
hanged out till bout 4.30.
did some catchups with my melaka peeps.
and we went back around 5,, after sending zett back.
arrived back to uniten around 6.
hanged again at putrajaya till 7.
and then acap sent me home.

another wild night.
another me doing crazy stuff.
what's next ?
im sensing ulu yam,, or maybe ipoh ?
haha. we'll see.