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Monday, February 21, 2011

for a pessimist,, i am pretty optimistic.

i am a pessimist.
i always look on the negative side.
obviously the result would also be negative wouldnt it.
people close to me are the ones who always has to pay.

this time,, its you,, bie.

so i wanna say im sorry.

sy mntak maaf slalu mngamok tak tentu pasal.
merajuk pasal bende kecik.
buat perangai tibe2.

im sorry.

im just having a hard time these past few days.
bare with me,, okay ?

i love you no matter what.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

i miss.

i miss writing.
i miss singing.
i miss listening.
i miss seeing.
i miss dancing.
i miss breathing.
i miss watching.
i miss texting.
i miss blogging.
i miss strolling.
i miss reminiscing.
i miss remembering.
i simply miss me.

these past few days. i feel like i didnt have control over myself.
i feel like i did something simply because i had to do it.
i miss doing things i love,, willingly,, of course everything would be simpler.
i wish i could get away for a while. just a day or two.
being by myself.
no phones,, no computers.
nothing. so no one could reach me. so i could find myself there.

life seems so crowded. so suffocating.
i cant recall what breath-taking feels like anymore.
i dont remember when's the last time i tasted fresh air.
even though thats what i breath every morning.

this post may hurt a few people,, especially you arm.
you may think im trying to get away from you.
or im bored. or im hunting for something new.
but its not like that at all.
this is a 'me and myself' issue.
you did nothing wrong.
nonetheless you're the kindest person i've known.
i dont know how i'll ever thank you.
and i love you,, i really do.

i dont know whats wrong.
been thinking bout lotsa stuff lately.
i just hope it'll go away.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

eka shah.

tak sangka ade jugak manusia mcm nie dkat dunia kan.
i can feel your pain,, boo.
i hope you'll be strong.
im always with you.
i syg you okay.
sabar and just take this as an obstacle in life.