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Saturday, December 11, 2010

joy to the world.

2010 almost reaching its end.
another year has passed ehh ?
look how time flies.
before you know it,, its 2011.

did 2010 went well for me ?
it started off awfully.
then slowly life's getting better and better.
and im slowly getting on my feet.

from being employed to unemployed.
from a student to doing nothing and then back to being a student.
from a relationship to being single then to another relationship.
lotsa playing by the field.
however those days are gone,, dude.
am fully commited now. =)

finally found love again.
or maybe i've found hope.
i gotta admit. im still having trouble trusting.
but im trying my very best.

whats my plan for new year's eve ?
pfft. i dont even know where imma be.
jB ? kL ? or mlaka ? haha.
and honestly,, idc.
just as long as . . .
*sigh. forget it.

new year's resolution :

:: quit alci ! well its been a while,, i think it shouldnt be a problem.
:: be a student. and by that i meant attending more class. ngeee.
:: save up moneyyyyy ! this i gotta be serious.
:: go on vacation with bieee. sabah kannn wakkk ? heh.
:: lose weight. (pfft. forget this one. its been here since 10 years ago).
:: slow down on the ciggs. (ditto to this one).
:: slow down on the greens. (bahaha. this is a tough one. by 'greens' i meant *eed).

okay. 7 resolutions.
if i can keep half of these,, it'll be good enough.

amgoing back to kl tmorrow.
spending time with her.
imysm bie.
cant wait to see you.
i never had a chance to say thank you for putting a smile on my face every single day.
i love you.