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Thursday, October 18, 2012

0405 am.

dear blog.
I've been very busy and i just couldn't find the time to actually sit down and write.
since using the tablet,, i dont use the laptop as much as i used to. only for assignments,, movies,, himym and L word. ;)

though i gotta admit. i do miss writing.
pouring my heart out without a care in the world of what anybody would think.
plus i no suck at writing and speaking in english since i practice it less and less everyday. ;(

currently in jb. no class for this semester. just business plan. (final project paper).
so meetings with the group members and adviser every now and then. therefore i have a lot of free time that i can make use of. instead,, me being me,, i spent most of the time with friends. doing things that are not actually useful. haha.

i dont even want to begin to talk about love life. so that's that.

am going to universal studio singapore for the second time in two days.
but this time with a few of college friends.
i have a feeling it will be legendary. =)

you see. im actually out of ideas of what to write. the inspiration to write is just not there anymore.
what have i become.

Friday, March 9, 2012

death is everywhere.

i found out i lost a friend today.

funny thing,, even though kita tak rapat dgan someone,,
but ble dapat tau that someone is gone forever,, hati still rasa pilu.
masa tu laa baru nak teringat all the time spent together.
sayu gila rasa.

wani. a friend from kelana puteri.
we practically stayed under the same roof. even for a short while.
she had an accident. motor and kereta. baru balik dari pasar malam.
its been a while since i saw her,, or even contacted her for that matter.

she's my age. such a young age. banyak lagi tak dapat rasa dalam dunia nie.
but God loves her more.

to wani : eff mintak maaf if selama nie ada salah silap. tak dapat nak mintak maaf betul2 dgan wanie.
kitorg akan rindu wani. kepala gila wani. manja2 wani.
sedih sangat hilang kawan macam wani. semoga wani ditempatkan dengan orang2 yang beriman. amin.

to the others : Allah boleh ambil nyawa kita or siapa2 je bila2 dy nak.
we may never know. therefore,, always ask for forgiveness,, and always forgive the others.
sihat macam mana pun tubuh badan,, kalau umur pendek,, takbley nak cakap apa2.
so dear readers,, please forgive me for any mistakes at all.
and when will we ever learn ?!
tolong lah carefull sikit dkat jalan raya tu.
tak payah nak show off bawak laju2 bagai.
sometimes kita tak buat salah tapi orang laen bley jadi careless. mabuk or whatsoever.
so just drive slowly,, insyallah selamat.

till then.

Al Fatihah utk arwah Wani.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

i use to do this everyday back in 2009.

last night. kot. haha.

its kinda personal. :) yheapp. some secrets need to be kept.

come to think of it,, yeahh. i can be one sometimes. especially when om alone. heh.



haha. yeah2. macam la kau tak pernah kan.

i take them everyday. ;)

uhh. few days back. gastric pain.

ohh terjawab in advance tdy. gastric.

just normal flu and fever every now and then.



why would i ?

uuhhhh. kalau free lah kan. lipo. HAHA !

dont know. dont care.

no. and no.

no. geez.

im not sure.

none ?

i dont want kids.


mamaaaa. :)

mama. like 20 minutes ago ?

not celebrating.

if there were any.

muslim and proud.

not so.


no money no talk. ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

lets talk future.

hello february !

the month of love. the month of my sixth semester for my DCA in unitar begins.
class should've started today,, but believe it or not,, the schedules are not even out yet.
so is the result for last sem's exams. but the grades are out though.

dah lama tak rasa cuak macam tadi. my hands were shaking as i browsed through my phone.
i was having the cold sweats. jantung berdebar2.

alhamdulillah,, my grades are okay. but it could've been better.
purchasing and cost control : A+
pengajian islam : A-
food service sanitation : A-
garde manger artistry : B
international cuisine : B-

and lepas kira2,, gpa was only 3.42. i was hoping for another DL. but what to do.
maybe i didnt try hard enough.
apepun,, syukur dgan grades yang sedia ada.
better luck next time. :')
was feeling down for a while,, but im okay now. i think.

rasa macam next sem nak amek 6 subjects. or kalau tak bz sgt,, maybe 7.
mcm dah terlambat je if i stick to the five subjects. nty grad lambat pulak.

hmmm. sabar je laaa farah. next sem please lahh kay.
takde mood. sheesh.
kau nak jd chef tapi kitchen classes kau dua2 dapat B.
kecewa dgan diri sendiri. tapi im sure ada hikmah.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

one blood.

dear blog.

i know i have neglected you recently.
for the past few months actually.
but you're still the one i come to to pour my heart out.

im currently in johor. sem break.
bro's having his break as well,, so the household is complete.
class will be starting on the 6th. and results will be out the day before that.
not looking forward,, really.

life's okay. except for the fact that i've gained weight over the months.
yeahhhh. my eating habit got way out of control.
i worry for my self sometimes. wish it would stop. sighs.
i really2 think i should stop smoking.
i started noticing lines on my face,, under my eyes.
i wish its just that easy. determination is not there.

went to the dentist today.
fuck i hate dentists ! they'll start nagging and telling you that you should stop smoking and
take care of your teeth and bla bla bla. boring ! dah la sakit !
"your gump is really weak" uhhhhh ! thats why i went to you,, dear dentist !
buat je diam2 takbley ? kene jgak membebel ? menyamp !

i stayed home mostly here.
went out with yulie a couple of times,, and with sad once.
other than that just groceries shopping with mama.
sometimes i feel like my life,, this time last year,, was the total opposite. pfft.

so,, was watching HIMYM (how i met your mother) lastnight.
season 7,, episode 10 made me cry. ='(
made me realize that sometimes people,, even the ones we love so much,,
wont appreciate our sacrifices,, no matter how big they are.
its every man for himself,, sometimes. life is cruel.

family crisis. a brother needs her sister right now,, gotta go.
we had a big fight yesterday. and i said some hurtful stuff to him.
i didnt mean it bro. i love you.
your blood runs in mine. i'm sorry.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

imy,, anak pakcik ibrahim.


it's yellow shines brightly,,
just as the sun.
people choose roses mostly,,
but i think sunflowers have more fun.

blooming as tall as they can be,,
they became all flowers' king.
just like you my dearest hubby,,
with you i'm flying without wings.

surrounded by pretty yellow petals,,
no thorns so it does no harm.
my heart made of steels and metals,,
you melt away with your gifted charms.

enough said of how much i love you,,
may our love bloom forever.
dedicating this to my only bubu,,
for you are my beloved sunflower.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

two thousand and twelve already.

hope its not too late to wish everyone a very happy new year !
2012. the year the world would come to an end. so they say.
but who knows,, really.
only God.

im currently in jb.
ended my fifth semester last week and here i am.
had a feeling this sem's result wont be as great as previous sems.
but im still hoping.

i really2 miss blogging.
but my netbook is experiencing kerosakan wifi.
it cant connect to wifi-s connection.
ni pun pakai laptop mama.
kalau tak online pakai fone je lah.
and there's no fun in blogging thru fone.

as promised. i managed to upload these two videos bout my family in youtube.
kalau berminat,, tgok. kalau taknak,, tak payah.



another video is yet to be uploaded.

so,, new project : cupcakes.
i have to make cupcakes for an engagement.
people started ordering,, bla bla bla.
till then.