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Saturday, January 14, 2012

two thousand and twelve already.

hope its not too late to wish everyone a very happy new year !
2012. the year the world would come to an end. so they say.
but who knows,, really.
only God.

im currently in jb.
ended my fifth semester last week and here i am.
had a feeling this sem's result wont be as great as previous sems.
but im still hoping.

i really2 miss blogging.
but my netbook is experiencing kerosakan wifi.
it cant connect to wifi-s connection.
ni pun pakai laptop mama.
kalau tak online pakai fone je lah.
and there's no fun in blogging thru fone.

as promised. i managed to upload these two videos bout my family in youtube.
kalau berminat,, tgok. kalau taknak,, tak payah.



another video is yet to be uploaded.

so,, new project : cupcakes.
i have to make cupcakes for an engagement.
people started ordering,, bla bla bla.
till then.