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Sunday, March 28, 2010

could it be ?

dear blog,,
feels like its been ages since i wrote.
the truth is that i just dont know what to write.

so,, life's been good so far.
mama broke her arm,, so,,
did nothing much other than looking after her.
except for last week though.
went to melaka,,clubbing,,
then climbing gunung ledang the next day.
was with eka,, nad,, biey and angah.
then scha,,epy,,am,, lynn and danny joined.

it was probably the most fun night i had for so long.
yeaaa,, i broke my new year's resolution.
bla bla bla.
haha. had a margarita with mama few weeks before though.

however there were some heavy woo-ing with the peeps.
when we were at ayoob,,
felt like we were devided into 2 groups.
definitely felt left out and clueless.
angah,,nad and biey were not in a good circle with the others.
didnt know if they were arguing or whatsoever,,
but lynn,,danny,, scha,,epy and am didnt join us clubbing that night.

found out that there might be something going on between epy and meen.
i know.
a reliable source told me that epy was the one to
ask meen if she wanted to be with her.


how twisted can this be !
i dont really give a damn bout meen anymore,,
but if what i heard was true,,
i would feel nothing less than being backstabbed by epy.
i mean,,
she and i are friends. right ?
and she once said that she was sorry sue took meen away from me.
what's that suppose to mean now ?

damn,, cant imagine them being together.
and what about scha ?
aih,, pening kepala kott fikirr.
the thing is that
idk how true this is.

there's always two sides of a story right.
i was waiting for her to tell me about it.
i mean,, im not gonna be mad or anything.
and if she would just come clean,,
then our friendship wouldnt be at stake so much.

anyhow,,whateverr lahh.
so what kann.
it shouldnt be any of my concern anymore.
until tonight.

when epy texted me,, saying :
'u ade masalah dgn i ke ?'

okayyy. wtf does that even mean ?
got really confused.
tried to call her,, but she didnt pickup.

take it this way dawg,,
i malas nak gadow2 nie.
and sentap menyentap is so not my thing.
i admit that i got a lil pissed when i found out bout this.
but xde la i nak mengamuk pon kan.
its non of my business anyway.
but it would be better if you had told me bout it first.
but who cares kann.
just chill laa.
okayy ?

if i decided to let u read my blog soon,,
then i just wanna say that
its cool.
im cool with everything.
so,,whatever lahh.
we're cool aite ?
friends will be friends.
i hope. i xkan lupe the times u helped me when i was in need.
i just hope u'll think wisely.
what i mean is that scha is a nice person.
and if u've already found someone who could love u just as u are,,
dont let her out of ur sight.

and kalao lahh i decided to let all u people read my blog,,
which i doubt.
stop laa nak bgadow nie.
nak pulau2 ke.
kite kan dah besarrr. cewahh.
bende nie semua small matter je.
xpayah nak sterss2 kan life aite.

i love love love it when we were so close to each other.
g clubbing same2,, then camp dkat tepi pntai,,bbq.
kan bestt mcm tu.
i dont want to pick sides.
think about it,,peeps.
we could be the coolest people on earth.
kan3 ?

just a piece of my mind.
i love ya'll ! okayy ?!
tp sygg eka lbey cket. hee.

bnyk pulak farah nie nag mlm nie.
haha. bosan sgt la nie.
gonna hit the shower,, then off to bed.
nite2 ! X)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


the power lights went out,,

i am all alone.
i dont really care at all not answering my phone.
all the games you played,,
the promises you made,,
couldnt finish what you started,,
only darkness still remains.
lost sight,, couldnt see
when it was you and me.

blow the candles out.
looks like a solo tonight.
im beginning to see the light.
blow the candles out.
looks like a solo tonight.
but i think i'll be alright.

been black and blue before,,
theres no need to explain.
i am not the jaded kind,,
playback's such a waste.
you're invisible,,
invisible to me.
my wish is coming true.
erase the memory of your face.

one day you'll wake up with
nothing but your sorrys.
someday,, you'll get back
everything you give me.