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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


the power lights went out,,

i am all alone.
i dont really care at all not answering my phone.
all the games you played,,
the promises you made,,
couldnt finish what you started,,
only darkness still remains.
lost sight,, couldnt see
when it was you and me.

blow the candles out.
looks like a solo tonight.
im beginning to see the light.
blow the candles out.
looks like a solo tonight.
but i think i'll be alright.

been black and blue before,,
theres no need to explain.
i am not the jaded kind,,
playback's such a waste.
you're invisible,,
invisible to me.
my wish is coming true.
erase the memory of your face.

one day you'll wake up with
nothing but your sorrys.
someday,, you'll get back
everything you give me.