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Thursday, December 15, 2011

looking back.

before we know it,,

we're at the ending of the year 2011.
we've become another year older.
we gained another year of experiences.
we lost friends,, families,, loved ones.
still,, we gained new ones.

i've been busy with the assignments and all the preparations for my final exams.
(two weeks time)
and i have to get a few slide shows done for my family reunion next week.
of course the task was given months earlier,,
but me being me,, tgal seminggu bru nak buat lah kan.

so i got lotsa photos of the family.
zaman aku tak wujud lagi pun ada. gambar hitam putih.
and then gamba masa kecik2,, masa rambut mushroom.
have u ever look at the young-you photo,,
and just wondered if u had known that you'd turn out to be the now-you.
would you do anything about it ? would u change anything ?

honestly,, looking back,,
i thought i'd be someone very different from who i am now.
im not saying i dont like me. but.
idk. how else could i had been right.

so dear readers,, do u like who u turned out to be ?
is life okay for you ?

i think. however life turned out to be for us,,
make full use of it.
u can be who you want be. the door will always be open.
unless,, of course,, you die. haha.
just kidding.

gotta go. two slide shows to be done. i'll upload it when its finish.

i love you,, blog.