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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sainatulakma ibrahim.

its been a while since i've known you.
and im very happy that i did.
im happy that i saw at oldtown that day.
and we've got acap to thanked. ;)
tqsm bro. haha.

well it took us quite a while to declare ourselves being together.
i just needed time.
and now its been three months.
look how time flies.

i can see myself changing bit by bit with you.
and i dont mind.
because i love you.
i really do,, hubby.

we need that to stay strong.
trust. okay ?
hold on to my words.
only you.
trust me.

spent the whole day with you today.
and theres nothing i want more.

this song is for you.
~this way by jewel.~

ilysm. :*

Friday, January 7, 2011


result was supposed t come out today.
"unexpectedly" the system is down. pfft.
aku tgah nervous2 nie tak dapat plak check.
schedule is out,, however.
not too pack. thank god. =)

looking forward for classes. yeayyy. ;)
tu maknenye dah bosan sgt cuti sem nie.
haha. besides i miss all those crazy lunatics (the classmates).
imissthem a lot.

yesterday,, was my monthsary with her.
glad we made it this far,, syggg.
acam ucuk anje. =)

sy tak suke kite gadoh okay !
i dont want that anymore.
because i love you.
and im looking forward to seeing you everyday.
never thought i could love someone like this again.
you're all that matters now.
sygg awk mnyk3 ! :*

as for family.
mama's on a 1 week leave.
currently at thailand,, vacationing.
bro's bz with classes. glad he's back with his girl.
cant afford to see him being down all the time.
sis moved back to kL. the nephews are entering kindergartens.

friends : like i said,, i miss them so so much.
especially vava,, sad and acit.
rindu korg pny kepala gile. hahaa.

well,, thats it for now.
gonna hit the bed. (yawn).