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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sainatulakma ibrahim.

its been a while since i've known you.
and im very happy that i did.
im happy that i saw at oldtown that day.
and we've got acap to thanked. ;)
tqsm bro. haha.

well it took us quite a while to declare ourselves being together.
i just needed time.
and now its been three months.
look how time flies.

i can see myself changing bit by bit with you.
and i dont mind.
because i love you.
i really do,, hubby.

we need that to stay strong.
trust. okay ?
hold on to my words.
only you.
trust me.

spent the whole day with you today.
and theres nothing i want more.

this song is for you.
~this way by jewel.~

ilysm. :*