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Sunday, July 31, 2011

N K asmoni.

was watching confessions of a shoppaholic on the tv just now.

i know its supposed to be about how a girl saves her self from spending too much on shopping.

but towards the ending,, there's this scene about rebecca (the main character) and her bestfriend
hugging at her bestfriend's wedding,, over one stupid dress.

believe it or not,, that scene brought tears to my eyes.
all of the sudden im reminded of nina.
how she helped me through my nightmares.

and how we fought over some stupid past.

the thing is right now,, both of us has this huge load of ego in us.

she expects me to apologize.
and i wouldn't do it for the third time.
is it not enought for two times in a row already.

ohh nin,,
i wishyou'd just stop the dramma.
you and i know that it is nothing anymore.
why should i take the blame of something three people did together.
how could you forgave rezal and not me ?
and how could you twist things up when you're telling nawal your side of the story.

i think nawal would agree with me when we say that you're a bit f a drama queen.
life is like a sad latin drama for you.
nonetheless nin,, we do LOVE YOU !
i still live you. and god knows how much i miss you.

to hang with nawal and not you ?
feels like im missing an empty piece.
we're suppose to be a fuckin tripod.

i want to be there for you.
i know you're going through tough times right now.
but wtf do expect me to do ?

kao nak aku dtg rumah kao pujuk kao sorg2 ?
be realistic. mama aku pon aku tak buat cmtu.
i wish you'd just stop faking.

i wish we'd be okay soon.
before this feeling of missing you transforms itself to being hating you.

aku rindu kawan aku.
tapi aku takkan buang ego aku untuk kali ke tiga.
its your turn,,babe.

Friday, July 29, 2011

football fever.

okay. semua org tgah bz tgok bola.

si bubu nie lagi takbley blah.
tak kelip mata langsung !

meanwhile. what am i doing ?
starving,, waiting for dominoes to deliver my pizza.

30 mins delivery la sgt. dah half time nie.
tak sampai2 lagi.
kalao delivery man tu tgok bola jugak mmg aku sepak2 kjap lagi.
lapa kotttt.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

light it up !

i looked at other people's blog.
they managed to get it to be so damn interesting.
i looked at my own blog. DAMN. its boring.
filled with words,, yes. but i cant imagine who reads it !

i used to think that the simpler it is,, the better.
now i think its too plain. too dull.

i need more pictures. more colors.
there are some pictures,, yes. but not much.

and i realized that i dont have any pictures of me and EKA SHAH.
my only faithful subscriber ( i think ).

imy la weyh ! hope dapat buka puasa same2 nty okay !

remember this one ? haha. my fav picture of us. thank you for being you,,friend !

Monday, July 18, 2011

a simple love letter.

ohh hari yang sangat memenatkan.

went back to jb 2 weeks in a row.
stayed up till 3 am finishing my report.
susah betol groupmate dgan foreigner nie.
mamat pakistan nie. dy pk dy bagos.
nak jd leader sgt. but tak tao nak lead.
i officially declare that i hate him !
whatever,, malas nak bukak citer. nty panjang lebar plak.

for now,, i just want to dedicate this post to my dearest bubu.
u have been there for me ALWAYS.
i will NEVER forget the things u have done for me.
what u have sacrificed.
eve sy buat assgnment nie pon awk teman sy smp tertido.
haha. comel sgt.
i want u to know that i appreciate u and everything u had done.
i love you.


haihhhh. I LOVE YOU and i can never get tired of saying it.

thank you sygg. thank u for coming into my life.
u mean the world to me.

sgt ngntok and akan update laen kali yea.
ohh btw,, good luck on ur first day esok,, bie. :*