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Monday, July 18, 2011

a simple love letter.

ohh hari yang sangat memenatkan.

went back to jb 2 weeks in a row.
stayed up till 3 am finishing my report.
susah betol groupmate dgan foreigner nie.
mamat pakistan nie. dy pk dy bagos.
nak jd leader sgt. but tak tao nak lead.
i officially declare that i hate him !
whatever,, malas nak bukak citer. nty panjang lebar plak.

for now,, i just want to dedicate this post to my dearest bubu.
u have been there for me ALWAYS.
i will NEVER forget the things u have done for me.
what u have sacrificed.
eve sy buat assgnment nie pon awk teman sy smp tertido.
haha. comel sgt.
i want u to know that i appreciate u and everything u had done.
i love you.


haihhhh. I LOVE YOU and i can never get tired of saying it.

thank you sygg. thank u for coming into my life.
u mean the world to me.

sgt ngntok and akan update laen kali yea.
ohh btw,, good luck on ur first day esok,, bie. :*