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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

you're my only one.

lately nie sy slalu pk bukan2.
its not that i dont trust you but kadang2 tu takot jgak.

kite selalu gadoh,,
and sy slalu merajok dgan awk.
but sy sentiase sygg awk.

thats something you dont realize.

pentingnye awk dlm hidup sy,,
i dont think you know.

sy sygg awk sgt2.
and i really dont want to lose you.

leaving under the same roof,, but sometimes
i feel that we didnt spend enough time together.

i know sometimes you're busy and all.

i just miss us.
i miss the laughs. i miss the cuddles.
i miss you.

i love you always.
your ara.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011



tired of ='(

ohh tears,,
wish you'd stop droppin.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

preaching much ?

i've learnt that no matter how perfect,,
how good,, how nice you've been to people,,
there's always,, i mean ALWAYS a person or two who'll never
be satisfy.
ade je yg tak puas ht.
ade je mistakes yg kita buat.

but what they dont realize is that
they themselves are never perfect.

they did the same mistake before.
they've lived their lives before.
and when they screwed up,, they came to me for a lending shoulders.
i never did mind !
i've always accepted my friends just as they are.

the whites,, the blacks,, and the many shades of grays.
and i've always thought they'd do the same.

tell me this,, friend,,

how am i suppose to listen to all your preaches when you are not all that in the first place ?

im fuckin' sick of being judged.

im fuckin' tired of people tryin' to be a hero,, savin' me or what-fuckin' ever you wanna call it.

save yourself first,, dear friend.

dont pretend you're all PERFECT and you can freely judge and underestimate others.

we were friends once.
but if this is how you're gonna treat me.
maybe we're better off this way.
coz the 'you' i've known,,
doesnt judge,, nevertheless never seemed to mind of my life.

take care old friend.
and THX for NOTHING.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

derita merindu.

its not even 24 hours yet since she left.
but fuck,, i miss her.
so so much.
ble dah takde depan mate baru nak rndu kann.
ble mcm nie,,
i regret every fight.
i regret every sulk.

i just want her.
spending the night alone tonight.
no cuddling,, no hugging.
its just for one night,, i know.
but damn.
mcm sayu ade jgak.

awk dah makan ?
awak buat ape ?
makan ape ?
dengan siape ?
hotel okay ?
awk nakal tak ?
sy rndu awk.

tu je laa ayat ulang2 yg hanta ble text. haha.

come back soon.
coz i miss you like hell.


p/s : pssst,, boo ! i dah bc ur blog. haha.
nty citer okay !

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


she's leaving me for two days to attend some stupid workshop.

bubu,, im gonna miss you.
janggan menggatal okay.


Monday, March 14, 2011

what makes you different.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

fivetwentyfour am.

and so its march.
fifth month of being together.
and she got me a flower. which i thought was so sweet.
and im very fond of it.thank you so much shayangg.

so heres the thing. believe me when i tell you this.
i hung out with meen the other day. well two weeks ago kot.
cant recall.
oh boy oh boy.
she's still the same.
she brought her friend and soon-to-be gf at that time.
(now already declared)
geez. tgok fb kao pon mcm menggelab dow.
i mean,, come on.
kao baru couple dgan dy,, but status stock nak mcm dah couple 5 tahon laa plak.

and she texted me today,, just to tell me that she was hit by a car.
goddamnit. is that really necessary ?
apesal tak mngadu dkat awek kao je.
idk laa meen.
i dont think we should be friends.
i dont think we could be friends.
its not that im jelous or anything.
maybe you've hurt me so bad.
that the scar still remains.
the pain ive tried so hard to get rid off,,
comes back.

maybe you should just disappear from my life.
i mean,,
ive got arm now. and she's so good to me.
i'd be stupid to let her go.
and i dont want to lose her.
because i love her.
so i just hope that you'll eventually fade away.

muffin called the other day.
the old feeling triggered.
but i think im good.

hung out with boo the other day.
so much fun.
was out of 'ka-ching' so she paid for everything.
sorry ea boo. next time its on me pulak. =)
bley plak tsempak dgan myra kann. pfft.
pnjg plak umo minah tu kann. HAHA.

sy sygg awk mnyk2.
even kite gado kadang2,,
or maybe selalu,,
sy tak pernah terlintas nak break or tinggalkan awk.
i hope we'll last.

and im working on my essay,, about you for my english assgnment.
i'll post it here when its done !