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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

derita merindu.

its not even 24 hours yet since she left.
but fuck,, i miss her.
so so much.
ble dah takde depan mate baru nak rndu kann.
ble mcm nie,,
i regret every fight.
i regret every sulk.

i just want her.
spending the night alone tonight.
no cuddling,, no hugging.
its just for one night,, i know.
but damn.
mcm sayu ade jgak.

awk dah makan ?
awak buat ape ?
makan ape ?
dengan siape ?
hotel okay ?
awk nakal tak ?
sy rndu awk.

tu je laa ayat ulang2 yg hanta ble text. haha.

come back soon.
coz i miss you like hell.


p/s : pssst,, boo ! i dah bc ur blog. haha.
nty citer okay !