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Sunday, March 20, 2011

preaching much ?

i've learnt that no matter how perfect,,
how good,, how nice you've been to people,,
there's always,, i mean ALWAYS a person or two who'll never
be satisfy.
ade je yg tak puas ht.
ade je mistakes yg kita buat.

but what they dont realize is that
they themselves are never perfect.

they did the same mistake before.
they've lived their lives before.
and when they screwed up,, they came to me for a lending shoulders.
i never did mind !
i've always accepted my friends just as they are.

the whites,, the blacks,, and the many shades of grays.
and i've always thought they'd do the same.

tell me this,, friend,,

how am i suppose to listen to all your preaches when you are not all that in the first place ?

im fuckin' sick of being judged.

im fuckin' tired of people tryin' to be a hero,, savin' me or what-fuckin' ever you wanna call it.

save yourself first,, dear friend.

dont pretend you're all PERFECT and you can freely judge and underestimate others.

we were friends once.
but if this is how you're gonna treat me.
maybe we're better off this way.
coz the 'you' i've known,,
doesnt judge,, nevertheless never seemed to mind of my life.

take care old friend.
and THX for NOTHING.