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Saturday, January 28, 2012

one blood.

dear blog.

i know i have neglected you recently.
for the past few months actually.
but you're still the one i come to to pour my heart out.

im currently in johor. sem break.
bro's having his break as well,, so the household is complete.
class will be starting on the 6th. and results will be out the day before that.
not looking forward,, really.

life's okay. except for the fact that i've gained weight over the months.
yeahhhh. my eating habit got way out of control.
i worry for my self sometimes. wish it would stop. sighs.
i really2 think i should stop smoking.
i started noticing lines on my face,, under my eyes.
i wish its just that easy. determination is not there.

went to the dentist today.
fuck i hate dentists ! they'll start nagging and telling you that you should stop smoking and
take care of your teeth and bla bla bla. boring ! dah la sakit !
"your gump is really weak" uhhhhh ! thats why i went to you,, dear dentist !
buat je diam2 takbley ? kene jgak membebel ? menyamp !

i stayed home mostly here.
went out with yulie a couple of times,, and with sad once.
other than that just groceries shopping with mama.
sometimes i feel like my life,, this time last year,, was the total opposite. pfft.

so,, was watching HIMYM (how i met your mother) lastnight.
season 7,, episode 10 made me cry. ='(
made me realize that sometimes people,, even the ones we love so much,,
wont appreciate our sacrifices,, no matter how big they are.
its every man for himself,, sometimes. life is cruel.

family crisis. a brother needs her sister right now,, gotta go.
we had a big fight yesterday. and i said some hurtful stuff to him.
i didnt mean it bro. i love you.
your blood runs in mine. i'm sorry.