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Sunday, July 25, 2010

i vow.

dear blog.

im currently at my hometown,, kg tunku,, pj.
there are stuff needs to be settled tmorrow.
so had to cncle all my plans. ;(

sometimes i just sit back and wonder.
why does life has to be so darn cmplicated !
why do we have to have problems ?
why cant everything just comes easy in life ?
why cant i just live a happy,, carefree life ?

fuck it.
i know,, everything will just makes me stronger.
was watching the pursuit of happyness just now.
it gave me hope.
and made me realize,, there's always a silver lining.
and i know i can do it.
even on my own. and i need to make it through.

having everyone by my side,,
especially acap,, nina,, rezal,, mer,, muiz,, pojan,, faisal and syafiq
and all of my friends really touches me.
u had been there for me even without u knowing it.
u made me feel better when i was so down.
and thank youu very much.

i need to breakfree.
i need to move on.
i need to be somebody,, in order to achieve.
and i need to achieve in order to be a somebody.

so,, i vow to not let these kinds of things bring me down.
and God,, please be with me.
as i need u now more than ever.