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Sunday, July 11, 2010

lets up the date. ;)

hello july !

first off.
happy belated bday,,boo !
sorry sgt2 i lupe wish the other day. heh.
smp skarang rase guilty. ;(

life's been okayy.
as usual. just trying to stay alive.
just surviving.
nawal is sleeping over tonite.
babe. im glad that we had a chance to do some catchups.
fuck,, i miss the three of us.
the tripod.

you,,me and nina.
susah sgt nak lepaq bertiga these days.
msty someone missing.
whatever it is,, both of ya'll are the best friends anyone could ever wish for.
we're practically sisters..babes !

eclipse : belom tengok lagii. ;(
classes : okayy laa. presentation the other day rawksss !
friends :
sham - dah blek jb.
nina - always m.i.a with rezal.
sue,,bax,,syuk,,syanaz,,haziq - lame gle tak hang. thx to iz and zima.
acap - always there. ;D
nawal - still got loads to catchup.
arm - ;)
unitar friends - semua masok air ! ahaha. and drama tak habes2 ! ;P

family : mama - been quiet for two days. hope she's doing fine.
bro - bz with his gf.
kak juju - imissyouu,,rabbit ! ;(
couzins - m.i.a.

meen : back in the picture. comes and go as she pleases.
boo : i rase mcm makin renggang dgan you. ;(
mer : always there.
bell : lost contact.
mier : imissyou.
naz : ble nak lepaq ?!

hm. lemme see. what else.
aahh. yess. the drammas.
ive got my hands full with drammas these days.
how on earth i managed that,, i myself dont know.
its tiring !
sickening. and boring.
im raising the white flag,,yaww.
tak larat dah. i dont want to have anything to do with it anymore.
ya'll should just come clean to each other.
im friends with everyone and dont make me choose sides.
enuff said.

peace out.