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Monday, April 19, 2010

choose farah choose !

i opened my mailbox today,,
and guess what i found.
an offer letter from unisel.

" sekalung tahniah di atas kejayaan anda. sukacita dimaklumkananda ditawarkan tempat untuk mengikuti pengajiandi universiti industri selangor bagi pengambilan mei 2010. "

a year for foundation in TESL.

TESL tuuu.
ive always wanted to take tesl.
in fact i was suppose to take tesl with my friend,, hanie,,
before i got offered studying in uitm.
she's in unisel. taking tesl. dah degree kot.

sgt confuse okayyy.

but im so super excited for culinary tuh !
dah berkobar2,, then dpat offer nie plak.

teaching ?
cooking ?

wahahaha !
mane 1 nie !!!

mama said to go for tesl.

somehow im not feeling confident enough for it.
english dah laa berterabor cmnie.
but thats the point of taking it right ?
to learnnn ?

im really into culinary tu.
but when i think about the future,,i'll be more stable taking tesl.

registration day will be on the 26th of may.
bestari jaya,, selangor.
hulu mane ntah,, xtao laa.

eeee. mcm mane nie !
serabott !need to think deep bout it.
real deep.