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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

never look back.

i cant say today is the worst day ever.
but it is one of those days that i just dont love.

everything seemed wrong.
everyone keeps pissing me off.
traffic was like hell.
i was grumpy all day long.

untill about 9pm just now.
took a nap and everything got better.

pfft. wtf is going on.
i thought about u and it spoils my whole day.
terbaek lah weyy.

u told me that u broke up wioth sue.
ive really got no comment on it lahh.

and then about unitar.
went there this afternoon.

i get butterflies all of the sudden.
25th is coming really soon !
am i really ready ?
damn it.

and then of course.
driving here and there.
damn tiring weyhh !
1 thing i hate bout kL nie.
jam nye.
pergh. mencabar kesabaran betol.

and fuck ya'll crazy drivers.
suke hati korg je nak potong2 line.
xreti drive xpayah drive la weyh !

lemme see.
what's next.
korg2 plak.
kalao aku xdapat nak lepaq tu,, sorry laa.
xperlu laa nak ckap aku kerek ke ape ke.
penat dow.

idk laa.
tensed je lately nie.
apesal laaaaaa.