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Monday, May 24, 2010

where can i find peace ?

damn man !
im supposed to be in subang already.
or at least on my way.
but,, here i am.
still in jB.

wtf is wrongggggg ?!

rase mcm x sedap ht je.
mcm tak nak balek subg.
serious rase uneasy.
packing pon mcm nak tak nak je.

whats wrong with u ?!
ure supposed to be excited !


mama pon ckap,, dah rase tak sedap tu,, tak payah rush2 nak blek.
since my instinct were mostly right.

so we're gonna take our time.
esok pon esok lahh.


dear God,,
tolong bg ketenangan cket bley ?
resah x tntu pasal nie.