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Saturday, September 11, 2010


its been so long since i write a poem.
this one's called HEART.

im sorry you broke to pieces.
i take the blame for not taking care of you.
im sorry now you're like shattered glasses.
how was i to know,, i didnt have a clue.

you're becoming as hard as a stone.
im scared you'll never love again.
im here,, you'll never be alone.
whether its the sunshine,, whether it's the rain.

she left us both.
i feel the pain that you feel.
so much feelings of loathe.
i hope in time you will heal.

im trying my best to pickup every piece.
of you that i let broken by her.
all you need is another true love's kiss.
but no one has ever been that near.

i pray that you'll be as strong.
i really hope that we are not done.
maybe what we had with her was wrong.
but you have to meet a few mistakes before meeting the right one.

it doesnt matter whom you fall in love with.
as long as there's love in your life.
not hatred,, not anger,, not filth.
so help me god,, i hope my heart'll revive.

there it is.
is it true ?
what they said about once you got your heart broken,,
its almost impossible for you to love again.
well maybe.
idk. what im sure of is that its really hard for me to trust again.
you know.
its like you gave your heart to someone,,
they ripped it apart.
tear it to tiny lil' pieces.
naturally,, you'll think like a billion times before you're ready to give your heart to someone else,,
once you've got yourself together,, that is.
its natural,, right ?
its normal. right ?