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Monday, September 13, 2010

jealous much ?

i stalked her page.
(yess i can be a stalker sometimes)
boy,, im glad i dodged a bullet with her !
i really am.

so she got herself a new girl.
errr,, number 44 is it ?
jk. jk.
and yea,, she did mentioned to me once when she called me up the other day.
that her current gf,, is psycho jealous.
and damn,, she's right.

i saw that poor girl cursing at some other girl for she thinks that that girl is trying to ruin their relationship.
haha. thats a long statement. faham tak ? :p

it reminded me of me when i was with her.
i admit. i used to be a psychopath as well.
i get jealous like so easily.
at one point i think i wouldnt let her be friends with most girls.
wtf right.
but yeaa,, that was me then.
was okay.

i think its safe to say.
i dont get jealous.
i dont.
and i think,, imma keep it that way.
i mean relationships can be really hard if you and your partner get jealous easily.

there'll be missunderstandings,, misscommunications.
and there's just no trust.
so whats the point of having a relationship right ?

you might as well be truthfull.
at least that's what i think.
and thats what im doing.

now that's a mature relationship.
no fightings,, no argueing.
any dislikes and dissapoinment could be settled by simply communicating.
talking your way out of it.

not like what i had with her.
dlu kalao bley hari2 nak gadow.
and i mean everyday.
it gets violent sometimes.
sampai polis datang ruma lahh.
heh. now when i think about it,, its actually quite funny.

i think people get jealous when they feel so insecure.
but why cant you just talk nicely about it ?
be civilzed,, people !
we are gifted with brains !
haha. pandai kao cakap kan.
kao pon same je dulu.
but change for the better. =)
i try to be confident.
and time after time,,
i dont get the "insecure" feeling so much.
people have flaws.
thats natural.
but flaws are not the only thing that you have.
love yourself.

* org tak tdo malam mmg bnyk ceramah cmnie.

there it is.
just a peace of mind. ;)