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Sunday, October 31, 2010


so here i am.
in jB.
back for the weekend. and i have no kitchen class on teusday,,
so i might as well stay till then.
mcm tak biase skip class kan. haha. so,,
im skipping monday class.
obviously,, since im here,,
didnt get a chance to attend the halloween party.
whatever though. those days are gone.

last year's halloween party was awesome though.
celebrated at purebar. with 'her' of course.
this year,, jd budak baek. okay ?
haha. sumpah tak boley blaa.

but yeaaa,, im planning to quit clubbin and drinking.
drinking basicly.
afterall,, i've been sober for five whole months. HURRAH !

slowly laa. slowly getting rid of these bad habbits.
nak stop get stoned plak. ble ntah. soon lahh. kot. kannn ?
turning 21 soon. gotta turn my life around.
rase mcm dah tua ow.
no more fooling around nie.
epiphony. i think i got an epihony. ;)
ngeeeee. teringat homer simpson. HAHA !

skarang tgah addicted to this song.
nymphetamine by cradle of filth.
whoa3. not like im into heavy metal now.
just this one song.
the lyrics are quite hard to interpret,, but from what i understand.
its actually a love song.
nymph - a beautiful goddess,, and amphetamine - a type of drug.
the song tells the story about how the guy is so addicted to the girl.
and how the girl reminiscence their time spent together.
i simply cant get enuff of the song !

" bared on your tomb,,
im a prayer of your loneliness.
and would you ever soon come above unto me ?
for once upon a time,, from the binds of your loneliness.
i could always find the right slot of your sacred key. "

xD xD xD xD xD

nard and biey came to hang on friday.
they called.
so i postponed my trip to jb till yesterday.
a lot has changed.
nard,, aku syg kao. and i'll try my best to be there for you whenever you need someone.
okay ?
i really dont know what to say.
malam tuu lepaq ramai2.
nard,, biey,, eva,, arm and epy.
murni ss2 jd mangsa.
everyone gelak mcm org gila.
im glad we had fun,, guys.
im looking foward for more "fun' days like that one.
cewahhh. bru tdy ckap nak turn life around kann.

im running out of stories to tell.

sy rndu awk mnyk3 !
cant wait to see you again.
really,, imy.