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Monday, June 13, 2011

send me away with the words of a love song.

time : 0146 am.
loc : on the couch,, home.

if this blog is a real thing,, i bet it would be dusty as hell !
no particular reason for not updating it,,
i was just fully occupied. plus the limited access to the net back in jB.

yea i was in jb for two whole weeks.
just got back yesterday.

class starts tomorrow.
im 60% relieved because im almost dying due to the boredom and the emptiness of the holiday.
the other 40% is the negative response of being committed to wake up EARLY in the morning for classes,, the lost of freedom and being tied down with a schedule and goodbye to the "i-just-wanna-laze-around" moments.

however,, 60 is a bigger number,, so lets be positive.

i hope everything will be going on smoothly this sem.
last sem was a success. and i have my results to prove it.

3.84 GPA baby !
i didnt meant to brag. but it is something to proud of.
i've picked up the pace. i was a few steps behind. and now,, im back on track with my studies.

there's a price to pay,, of course.
somehow,, i feel like i lost my friends.

its like i was the one who pushed them aside.
come to think of it,, it is true.
i dont hang out as much.
but its not because of i wanted to study or anything.
im just not up for it anymore.

call me a geek,, idc.
but i dont see the point of hanging out.
coming home late at night just to sit down at a mamak stall,, sipping teh tarik.
smoking my lungs out. talking bout others.
its fun to do it every now and then,, i gotta admit.
but when its everynight,, trust me,,
you'll get bored.

its not them. its me.
its my issues.
i think im finally getting to the stage where its usually called "maturity".
haha. funny that i thought i was already mature.
but yeah,, im quite a different person now.

not sure if everyone will like me now.
im still bubbly. but not as crazy as last time.

i guess we'll just see how tomorrow ends up.

wow. didnt realize ive been writing this much.
gonna hit the sack.