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Saturday, September 24, 2011

jantan cilaka.

imagine you're me okay.

a stranger,, u've met for a day,,
and u have to be nice to him,, coz he's a friend of ur mom.
he comes to u,, and starts to advice you about life.

first off : "why do you smoke ? you should really quit."
by all means,, its non of his effin' business. but its about health and shit. its a positive thing i guess.
so i took it quite positively.

next : "why do you eat so much ? you should go to gym. exercise. if you use the track mill everyday,, in three weeks,, you will look like me."
first things first dude,, you DONT look that great. you dont even look healthy. perut kau tu tak buncit pulak. ?
so i answered : "what makes you think i want to be like you ? i am comfortable as i am"
dia mengeluh and terdiam kjap. tak puas hati aku degil lah tu.
deyy,, i am not going to slim down to impress anyone. if i AM going to do it,, its going to be for myself. not for anyone. let alone a stranger like you !
and then he start saying about health and shit again. "i just want you to be healthy and all".
bukan nak bongkak tapi aku rasa aku nie jarang sakit. kalau g clinic pun check up takde ape2.
so what ever. i dodge that one as well.

the third one : "u're 21. u have to start using ur head. start thinking about ur future. marriage. kids."
WHATDAFUCK ! yg ni aku tak boleh terima. kau kenal aku pun tak,, ada hati nak ckap cmnie !
aku terus potong cakap dia.
"listen to me bro,, ever since i was a kid,, i never imagined myself getting married,, or having kids. when i say the word 'future',, i imagine a good,, stable career with a house and a car of my own,, and my mom's face saying she's proud of me. i dont see any man in 'future'."

and then he started telling me not to be too close to arm. he doesnt want b to be a lesbian.
so i said :
"why do people always condemned gay people. WE are not the ones who kills. WE are not the ones who steal. WE are not the ones who rape. WE never interrupt other people's lives. so why wont you people leave us alone ?!"

and then he started talking about God and Religion. haaa. nie takbley blah. aku tak sure pon foreigner nie Islam ke tak.
but because my mom was nearby,, and aku nak jaga hati dia. so pekak kan telinga and ulang balik ape yg aku ckap. tak guna jugak nak explain dgan org cmnie. dy bukan tau apa2 pun.

the next day,, i had a big fight wih my mom. aku tak tahu laa ape jantan nie dah ckap dgan mama. but suddenly mama angen dgan aku.
is it my fuckin fault defending my rights and my life ?

idk what he did and say. but he succeeded. aku gaduh dgan mama. brapa hr dah tak bcakap nie.

serabut kepala otak nie. haihhhhh. ceritanya jauh lagi complicated dr ape yg aku tulis nie sbenanye.
tapi ada benda2 yg aku rasa aku taknak ceritakan in public sbb taknak mengaibkan sapa2.

so let it be. nak smoke sampai mati.