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Saturday, September 3, 2011

my worst mistake which im GLAD i can address as a past tense.

i met epy last night and i got my stuff back from asshole meen.

obviously not all of them. takkan baju aku tiga helai je,,babi ?
ade pulak terselit ntah spender sape and tank top sape ntah. i know it wasnt mine.
nampak sangat kao dah nyanyuk kan ?
and for ur info,, dear readers,,
i threw it all away. because it was contaminated by this freak.
yes,, kao sangat keji sampai mcm tu skali.
you're a piece of shit. no wait. scratch that.
u're not even at the same level as shit. like a million times lower than that.

so,, reader. this will be my last post about
I/C : 890925-14-xingt.
244 kg chicha kubang krian Kelantan.
* a lil joke for naz. HAHA. credit to her for this. =)
so lepas nie SUMPAH aku takkan nak mencemarkan blog aku dgan nama kao lagi. yeay !
im doing this pon because it feels damn good to let it out of my chest.

utk pengetahuan semua,,
minah or mamat or minah perasan mamat nie is a big time FREAK.
she's a psycho.
and a freak.
oh did i mention that she's a freak ?

otak undeveloped and sorry to say,, tak berapa pandai. * wait im not sorry at all. mmg dy bodoh pon*
masok uitm pon sbb bapak org berpengaruh.

actually there's so so so much shit i can say about her.
because,, well,, she's just so full of shit.
but i think i wont.
because that would make me just like you.

i am educated and civilized so im not going to mention all the PRIVATE things in the past.

but i'll tell u this.
because that will be my last wish to God.
kau tak habes2 menganaiya orang.
menggunakan orang mcm aku.

demi ALLAH aku tak halalkan segala benda / duit / makan minum kau.

readers,, aku bnyk dosa,, aku tao.
nobody's perfect. and trust me,, im trying to redeem my self.
Insyallah boleh.

thank you sainatulakma for always being there for me and understanding my lil life.
and thank you for showing me theres much more to life than alcohol,, drugs and clubs.
i love you with all my heart.

and for those yang ada ex bodoh mcm aku yang aku rase malu nak ngaku ex tu,,
remember this always :

never pick a fight with idiots,,
they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

nuff said.