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Monday, August 17, 2009

fuck love.

these last cople of months had been fucking exhausting.
too much trouble.
too much drama.
im just so fucking tired.

i was in love with my partner meen,,
and we've been together for more than a year.
then,, all of the sudden,, the love was gone.
i still care for ther, yess, no doubt.
but i kinda have a thing for this someone.
lets refer her as muf.

yea,, i have a crush on her.
but im not expecting anything more than to e friends with her.
obviously i wasnt willing to let meen go.
but she couldnt handle it.
she was too jelous.

and meen is the type who keeps it all inside,,
so one day,,
she exploded and just lost her control.
she did things i couldnt imagine she would do.
she embarresed me in public.
and i dont know if i'll eer forgive her fo that.

so then,, i turn to muf for comfort.
and she was there for me
she had always been.

i tried to patch things up with meen.
i really did.
somehow,, its just not looking so good.

ohh, just fuck it.

so,, muff.
i thought about her all the time.
it feels like way back in highschool,,
when i had a crush on some one.
yea,, something like that.

so basically,, its like this.

i love meen.
but i like muff.
and every day feels like im loving her more and more.
idk,, is it really love.
i think its more to care.
i care bout her more and more.

darn it.
wtf is going to happen?
we'll just hv to wait and see.