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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

life for rent.

first off !

happy new year 2010 !

somehow,, i have a syrong feeling that this year would be a bad one.
a bad one indeed.

i quit uitm,, well not officially.
but i think i got kicked out for not attending my finals last semester.
but whateverr lahh.
im currently at jb.

started working today.
at a&w bukit indah.
damn tiring.
i would love just to quit.

but i promised myself to work my ass out.
to earn money.
to buy a car.
my car.
on my name.

been fighting with mama ever since i got home from mlaka.
its like evrything that i do and say is wrong.
and she takes it very personally.

i really dont know how much longger i can stand all these bullshit lahh.
im going out of my mind staying here.
fuck lahh !