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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Q and A !

Fav famous couple :
ellen degeneres and portia de rossi !<33 !
ohh,, and demi moore and ashton kutcher. ;)

Fav characteristic of yourself :
my confidence.

Childhood ambition :
haha.to be a doctor. pfft.

What makes you cry :
sad movies.especially with family values.

What makes you sad :
arguing with friends or family.which really stress me out.
and the thought of her.

What did you learn today :
true friend is hard to find.

The last book you read :
the desprate diary of a country housewife.haha.

Fav word :the F word ?

Fav motto :
life's too short to take too seriously.

Fav sound :
music !;D

What would be the title of your autobiography :
"love is a four letter word - F."hehe.

Fav virtue :

Best childhood memory :
haha.panjat2 pokok with bro,,johan and adam.
aww,, i miss that momment. ;(

What makes you laugh :
jeff dunham's show.X)

Finish the sentence :

Happiness is :
a stable life and positive thinking ?

Love is :
a feeling that comes from heart and uncondittional.pfft.

Somewhere :
over the rainbow is one of my fav song !;D

I would never :
forget what you've done for me,, so i wanna say thank you. ;)

I will always :
be there for you the way u've been there for me.

I love :