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Saturday, June 12, 2010

goodbye my lover.

my dearest dawun,,
its been 4 months,, 1 week,,and 1 day (as in 31st may)
since we broke up.
and between those sad,, frustrating depressing duration,,
we havent really been 100 % saperated.

u'll contact me every now and then.and i'll do the same.
and honest to god,,
i am not fully over you sygg.
but i dont think it'll work out anymore.
and i know i once said i'll wait for you.

you yourself said u want me to move on.
i've tried.and im still trying.
someone new comes along.
she had always been there for me.
and although i cant seem to have her heart,,
but for now she has mine.
i love her.

but when you pop out every now and then,,
i get confused all over again.
and i dont know why.
i cant seem to find the strength to say no to you.

darling dawun,,
we've tried to be just friends.
but we still argue.i dont argue with my friends.
i know that you care for me,, and same goes with me,,honey.

but i need to move on.
i wish that you could help me with that.
the last time we argued,,
you said for me not to contact you for one whole month.
what does that makes me ?
have you ever thought of my feelings when you quote that ?

dear,, i am not just a bootycall.
i am not your doormat.
i refuse let you treat me that way.
so please.

you wanna be hot and cold to everyone else,, fine.
you have your crazy moodswings,, fine.
you get distracted by emotions easily,, fine.
but dont treat me like this.
please,, for all time sake.

ive deleted your number several times so that i wont find a way to contact you.
yess,, i'll cry evry now and then,, but i'll be fine.

now,,when you pop out once in a while,,
history will repeat itself.i dont think i can go through it all over again.
i'd rather keep you in my memory as my dear loving dawun.

so if there's still a tiny bit of love in your heart for me,,please.
leave me alone.
dont try to find me anymore.
we're better off this way.
let me go,,sweetheart.
help me let you go as well.

i wish you all the happiness and success in the world.