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Saturday, June 12, 2010

updates,, updates,, updates !

okayy. dah mula bnyk assignments.
bukan bnyk lagi,,
bertimbun !

but as always lahh.

as long as its not till the very last minute,,
takkan buat punye.
haha. statement bodo.

so this past week,, i learnt leaving alone.
well,, not exactly alone.
nina,,naan and zatie came for sleepovers.

so,, daily routine :
lepaq smp pagi,, tdo smp ptg,, then lepaq again.

tapi mcm2 ow kitorg buat.
the most spontanious,, ridiculous stuff id never thought i'd do.

went to genting at 12 am.
shisha at andalus (the best,,beb ! ).
bukit ampang.
movie with nana,,t, then nina.
karaoke smp hilang suara.
watch sunrise with acap (dkat mamak) haha. coz tgu rezal and nina. (siot je korg)
ahaa,, the of course laa pool,, foosball and maple.
club xde langsong ea.
ive been gooooood. ;P

as for classes,, everything is running smoothly.
everything turned out okay for me.
clicked with most dudes in class.
(yg bajet2 tuu,,sorry la ea,, aku tak ske korg)
besties with muiz,,rasyid and syahrul.

ape lg ea.
as for mama,,
haha. tak payah citer laaa.
tak gadow sehari,, tak sah !

so thats about it lah.
damn sleepy.
so,, assignments,, you're gonna have to wait.

gnite !