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Saturday, August 28, 2010

have you seen that girl ?

sometimes i wish that i can be sure of what i really want.
coz having to have to wait for something really sucks.
it gets more fucked up when you want something that you just cant have.
have u ever get that feeling ?
of wanting something so badly that you'd do just about anything to get it,,
but getting it is almost too impossible ?

im in jb.
staying for the weekend.
till teusday maybe,, merdeka holiday. pfft.

or i might as well stay till raya.
its just gonna be another week of class before hari raya break anyway.
and most class has not even started yet.
so whats the point of going back.
other than seing my friends.
hangging with them.
boy,,i miss them already.

so well.
studies : okay laa. scored 3.3 last sem.
still cant live up to mama's expectation.
she's expacting me to get 4 flat. whattafuck right.
but whatever. i know i did my best. and im proud of myself.
enuff said.

family : okayy jgak laa. flaws here and there.but thats normal.
we're getting back on our feet.

friends : GREAT !

self-control : being shitty. getting fatter. but whattaheck. i dont really give a damn.

lovelife : same ol'. still single ! haha.

recent addiction : have you seen that girl by lee ann womack.
i could really connect to the lyrics ! ;D

Innocent, Confident
With a hint of curiosity and an air of what you see is what you get
fun to be around
Laugh at herself
Never worried
Life is short but whats the hurry
Bright-eyed and ready to take on the world

Have you seen that girl
That everybody says I used to be
Have you seen that girl
Where along the way did I lose me?
Have you seen that girl

She was full of life
Looked on the brighter side
If it was worth a chance she'd take it
Said that life is what you make it
But a few wrong moves led to a few wrong turns
And once your burned your not the same
You tend to shy from the flame
I hate to think shes givin up her dream

Have you seen that girl
That everybody says I used to be
Have you seen that girl
Where along the way did I lose me
Have you seen that girl
Where along the way did I lose me
Have you seen that girl

got it from the L word season6 last episode - the last word.
jenny died. yea,, she turned out to be a bitch towards the end. but it still didnt stop me from shedding some tears. haha.
enuff with the L word already ! GOSH. im so obsessed. that i've actually watched all six seasons for four fuckin times. haha.
hoping that me and her would turned out to be like bette and tina. just like she used to said.

she called the other day.
just when i was just about to forget about her.
but i was fine. i could talk to her without being nervous or anything.
she sounded sad though.
she said she misses me.
it sounded so true and real.
but fuck it.
it was just for one split second.
and then,, here we are.
back to reality.

and boo. the other day i was thinking about you all day long.
i fuckin miss u. and i hope u're doin fine.
imissyouu. sgt3.

off to bed.