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Monday, August 30, 2010

i hate you,,man.

a complete stranger,,
all of the sudden tells you what to do.
and thinks that they have control of you.
as if they know everything about you.
well,, fuck off.
you want my respect,, you have to earn it !
you maybe somebody to my mom.
but hear me,, you are NOBODY to me.
i love my mom,, not you.
and for now,, i have no reason to even like you.
so,, again,, FUCK OFF !

you think im just gonna sit here.
and just suck up your bullshits ?
well,, you're dumb right wrong,,dude.
if i ever decided to make peace with you,, its only because of mama.
and she deserves only the best.
frankly,, i dont think you are the best,, which i hope my mom would finally realize one day.
you may fool her,, but you aint gonna mess with me,, asshole.
you've declared war with me after what you said to me yesterday.
so,, bring it !

guys will always be guys huh ?
i am a feminist.
i am gay.
i am sexist.
you are so dealing with the wrong bitch.
and yess,, im a can be a bitch when anyone messes with my loved ones.

so take this as a warning.
you dont want to mess with me,, trust me on this.
coz mama is the only person that matters most.

and mama,,
im sorry.
i dont know how much longger i can stand this shit.
u wanna be with him,, fine.
its your life.
and i love you. but just leave me out of it,, okay ?
its so fucked up when we have to fight over a stranger.
he's not even worthit.
i try to talk to u about it,, but you wouldnt listen !
im goin nuts,,mama.
so im just gonna mind my own business.
but that doesnt mean that i dont love you.

i love you. so much.
more than anyone in the world.
i hope u know that.