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Friday, August 20, 2010

"i sayang you" katanye.

to whom it may concern,,

its too soon to be saying 'i love you'.
i gotta admit though,,
i think im falling for you.

your presence around me makes me feel so warm and cozy.
but its not that long since we've known each other.
so,, like you said.
i think its best that we get to know a lil bit better of each other,,
before we take it to the next level.
i need to figure some shit out.
i need to make sure of what i really want.

idk whether its right to say this.
but being around youu takes me back to when i was with meen.
you really reminded me of her.
im not comparing or anything.
but yeah,, you are so much like her.

anyhow,, im sorry.
i think its best that we wait and let things flow for a while.
i know you got some stuff you need to figure out too.

but fuck it. IMISSYOUU !
cant wait to see u again.