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Thursday, August 12, 2010

falling for youuuu. ;D

so. fasting month's here.
today's the 2nd day. ;)
before we know it,, raya will be just around the corner.
yeayyy. =)

when i think about it,,
this time last year,, my life was perfect.
was still with her. was getting to know mier.
it was great really.

but this year aint that bad either.
im surrounded by crazy peeps known as my classmates.
new sem starts monday next week.
i guess we wont be hanging around klana mall anymore,,
as unitar changed its venue to mentari,,sunway.
hopefully evrything'll work out well.

just when i thought i could never get back on my feet,,
evrything turned out okay.
there's always a silver lining i guess.

im starting to feel again.