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Monday, August 9, 2010

all the love in the world.

there are all sorts of friends.
and ive come across so many types of people.
theaches me a thing or two about life.
there are things that are better off be kept as a secret.
there are things that should be out in the open.
sometimes white lies are nesscesary.
sometimes lying is the best solution.
sometimes we should just come clean about stuff,, no matter how bad it is.

im not gonna lie.
i do have a lot of friends.
bestfriends,, close friends,, party peeps,, pet peeves and just plain friends.
some are true friends,, that i dont think that i can ever replace.
some are backstabbers,, whom i no longger call my friend.
some comes and go.

these few people in my life.
that preety much changed me in so many ways.

fatimah mahanom mohamed.
you are my mom.
but also my bestfriend.
since birth.
you know everything there is to know about me.
you know me best.
yeah,, we fight a lot lately.
a damn lot.
but theres not a single minute that i hate youu,,ma.
iloveyouu. and i'll always love youu as long as im breathing.
you always comes first in my love dictionary.

no doubt;
muhammad farouk zainol kamal.
that i would also call my friend.
we have no secrets right ?
mase kecik bercekau je keje.
bertumbok,, naek tangan,, kaki sume laa.
mama hanta taekwondo mmg utk kite sparring dkat ruma.
weapon : penyapu and ridsect can.
but dah besar nie,, bru nak rapat.
u turned out to be the best brother any sister could ever wish for.
and im proud of the person you've become.
iloveyouu bro.

julia jailer;
my rabbit sister.
;D your love and care for me is always showing.
with all the things thats been going on,, im sorry i cant visit you and the kids more often these days.
but i do miss youu.
the coolest sister everr.
im glad that YOU are my sister.
coz i can tell practically anything to youu.
just about everything,,in fact.
i guess the bond between two sisters are always gonna be strong. ;)

ninnah kamilah asmoni.
youre my bestfriend.
some people misused the term bff.
bestfriends forever.
but you,,dear,, deserves it more than anyone else.
bfff as a matter affect.
since form1 was it ?
even though we became close in our fifteens.
all the crazy shit during highschool.
haha. makes me laugh when i think about it.
i'll never forget you,, nor all the things that you helped me through.
iloveyou,,and i can never thank you enough.

nawal nadia azimuddin.
we've known each other since standard6.
thats primary school.
and i think you're by far the longgest friendship i've salvaged.
we've salvaged.
camping at semenyih. haha. ;)
we may not be as close as before. we have our own lives now.
different directions for each of us.
but im glad we're still here for each other.
iloveyouu naw. and imissyouu like crazy babe.
i miss the three of us.

of course;
mohamad helmi.
youre like a brother to me.
never knew that my feelings from admiring youu could evolve
to loving youu !
you've helped me emotionally.
a good advisor. a great listener.
no doubt the best boyfriend. ;D
the sleepovers. haha. a memory i'll treasure,,sygg.
i miss those good old days.

zettira farhanna zawawee.
zett sygggggg.
haha. where do even begin.
my first roomie.
mule2 tgok mcm kerek,, rupe2nye masok air minah nie.
heeee. these 4 years that ive known youu,,
i never regret even a single second of it.
kite gadowh pon,, youre still my best girlfie.
that crazy drunken night when we....
ahah. nevermind.
you believed in me. and you were the only one who shed some light
when she and everyone else were lying straight to my face.
i can never thank youu.

siti nazirah;
angahngahhhh. ;D
at one time we were so damn close.
tak jumpe sehari tak sah kann ? haha.
club same2,, mabok sme2,, pengsan dlm toilet sme2.
haha. okayy. it was just me. but she helped out. luckily she was there.
flaming lamborghini itu wajibbbb ! haha.
imissyouu,, friend.
i miss our fun times. and i'll never forget the things you've done for me.
i think ive never had a chance to say thank youu.
so thank youu. ;D hope to see u soon.

muhammad khaidier asyraff.
acapannnn. ;)
we didnt know each other for that long.
but during this short period of time,, we became
extremely close.
and i gotta admit ive never been this close to a guy before.
youre indeed a great friend,,bro.
off lately,, all the crazy stuff i did,, was all with youu.
genting,, melaka,, andarlus. haha. you name it.
club je tak perna lagi. aku dah retire. haha.
but youve helped me. a damn lot.
so thank youu so berry3 much.

eka shah. (haha. taknak mention name u,, nty u mara)
alot of things happened.
none the less,, u were there,, lifting my spirits up
when i was so fragile,, breaking up with her.
i'll never forget that.
i sayang youu. even as my dear friend je.
i do. iloveyouu.
and imissyouu.

and then theres a few close friends,, of course.
rezal,,sham,, korg pon bnyk tolong aku jgak. so thxx a bunch ! ;)
shammm aku rndu kao !

new friends whom are just beginning to get to know me.
muiz,,pojan,, shahrul,, syahrul,, syafiq,, safwan,, erni,, faisal,, aiman,, rasyid. korg bnyk tlg i with the assgnments and all. haha. assgnments la sgt kann.
in a way,, lepaq dgan korg bwat i happy jgak.
u guys always reminds me that im never alone. hee.
missing ya'll.

and those friends yg at 1 point pernah rapat.
DQS uitm especially koein,,wawan,, ina and yaya.
buka puasa same2 kannn. ;)
tak puase pon sme2. haha.
rndu korg.
tak tao apesal ow. skrg tgah mood nak rndu semua org je ! haihhhh.
ble nak jmpe lagi nie ?

there it is.
i may left some names.
but kalao letak nty panjangg sgt lahh blog nie.
bukan nak bangga2kan sgt mmber2. but truth been said
that these are the people that helped me when i needed help.
they are closer to me than my family is sometimes.
and this is my way of telling them how much i appriciate them.



Butterfly Landing said...

I miss u too..