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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

more Q & A !

I have been in love: TRUE.
I have dumped someone:TRUE.
I have been dumped:TRUE.
I have had a secret admirer:TRUE.
I have had a crush on a much older person:NO.
I have slept with a co-worker or boss:FALSE.
I have been in an abusive relationship:TRUE.
I have had a crush on a MySpace friend:TRUE.
I have met someone because of MySpace:TRUE.
I have drank liquor:TRUE.
I have drank beer:TRUE.
I have drank wine:FALSE.
I have smoked a cigarette:DUHH. TRUE.
I have smoked a cigar:TRUE.
I have smoked weed:TRUE.
I have thrown up from drinking:TRUE.
I have blacked out from drinking:TRUE.
I have taken pain killers:TRUE.
I have been suspended from school:FALSE.
I have had detention:FALSE.
I have been in a car accident:FALSE.
I have seen someone or something die:FALSE.
I have been robbed or vandalized:FALSE.
I have skipped class: TRUE. ;)
I have been fired:FALSE.
I have been in a fist fight:TRUE.
I have fallen asleep at work or school:FALSE.
I have watched the sun set:FALSE.
I have felt an earthquake:FALSE.
I have won a contest:TRUE.
I have sang karaoke in public:TRUE.
I have laid on my back and watched cloud shapes pass by:TRUE.
I have been ice skating: TRUE.
I have flown a kite:TRUE.
I have had a tea party:FALSE.
I have built a sand castle:FALSE.
I have played poker:TRUE.
I have cheated while playing a game:TRUE.
I have had braces:FALSE.
I have witnessed a crime:TRUE.
I have squished barefoot through mud:TRUE.
I have swam in the ocean:TRUE.
I have felt like I was dying:TRUE.
I have cried myself to sleep:TRUE.
I have played cops and robbers:TRUE.
I have played a Nintendo Wii:FALSE.
I watch American Idol: TRUE.
I have paid for a meal with only coins:FALSE.
I have made a prank phone call:TRUE.
I have kissed in the rain:FALSE.
I had a wish come true:TRUE.
I have been humped by a dog on the leg:FALSE. wtf.
I have jumped off a bridge:FALSE.
I have screamed "penis" or "vagina":FALSE. hahaahaha.
I have gotten a speeding ticket:TRUE.
I have sat on a roof top:TRUE.
I have screamed at the top of my lungs:TRUE.
I have talked on the phone more than 6 hours at a time:FALSE.
I believe in ghosts:TRUE.
I have been inside a jail:TRUE.
I have jumped in a pool with all my clothes on:TRUE.
I have broken a bone:TRUE.
I have rode a rollercoaster:TRUE.
I have been scuba diving:TRUE.
I have fallen going up stairs: going down actually. haha.
I have been shot: FALSE.
I have flattened someones tires:FALSE.
I have been in a car that ran out of gas:FALSE.