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Saturday, September 18, 2010

back to life. =)

am going back to kl tomorrow.
well,, today,, technically.
well,, in a few hours to be exact.

along with sad and his annoying yet cool bro.
riding in cars with boys like drew berrymore laa konon ?

if we reach kl in time,,
we should be attendidng atiqah's open house.
at 8pm.

then later that night,,
later tonight that is.
i would love to meet up with
miss zettira farhanna.
bnyk hutang nak dibayar. kan yanggggg ! :D
haha. tak bley blahhhh.
she ym-ed me just now.
merepek ntah hape2.
but yeahh,, i laughed my head off.

so thats about it.
since idk when imma come back to jb,,
or when imma update my blog.
till then.

shinchan : sy syg awk and im always missing you.
boo : you know. imy ! take care,, whatever you do,,okay ?