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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

breaking dawn !

hey ho.
just watched the twilight saga : eclipse two times in a row.
back to back !
im lovin it !

favourite quotations :

jacob : "i'm gonna fight for you untill your heart stops beating."
edward : "isabella swan,, i promise to love you,, every momment,, forever.
would you do me the extrodinary honor by marrying me ?"
bella : "some say the world will end in fire. some say in ice. from what i've tasted
of desire,, i hold with those who favors fire.but if i had to parish twice,,
i think i know enough to hate to say that for distruction ice is also

favourite scenes :

when bella asked jacob to kiss her. fuckkkkkk ! i get all excited ! tak ddok diam tengok ! haha.
and when the cullens and the wolves faught the newborns,, when jasper was giving the attack plan. hoho. t'was a verry cool scene.
jacob,, bella and edward in the tent all together. edward had to see jacob warming bella as she was freezing to death.

damnit ! i cant wait for breaking dawn !
eclipse was so much better than new moon.
and i gotta say i like eclipse better than twilight.
more action.
and bella finally realizes she's in love with jacob as well.
and damn ! bella and edward are enggaged for fuck's sake !
they'll get married in breaking dawn ! woohoooo !
tak sabarnye !
i actually know how the story will end anyways.

* taknak tao,, tak payah bace okay ! *

bella and edwars will have a baby.
bella almost died giving birth so edward had to change her.
so renesme would be half vampire and half human.
and renesme ended up o be with jacob.
wtf right. i know.
so in breaking dawn,, they'll be fighting the volturi.
and bella turned out to be the most powerfull vampire !
damn ! im sooooo obssesed !

breaking dawn,, in the making ! CANT WAIT ! CANT WAIT ! CANT WAIT !