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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

colt 45.

i fell asleep around 0030,, woke up around 0530.
knocked out for five fuckin hours !
i woke up and there were 5 missed calls and 7 unread texts.
mmg tdo mati. dah mcm pengsan pon ye jgak.

so i woke up t go to the toilet.
looked myself in the mirror.
pergh. dah mcm hantu !
dark circle around my eyes.
muka pucat gle.
bibir pon pucat. rambot serabai.
mata kuyu.
haha. tak tao laa mcm mane bley lepas dgan mama balek tdy.

yelaa, i havent slept for two days !
so,, went out with my friend.
mcm cibaiii.
last night i got myself new experiences.
doing things i never did before.
getting stoned in the middle of the highway.
shitmann ! now im reminded of the movie pineapple express !
hahaaaa ! nak tgok lepas nie.
i drove at first,,
but ble dah ting tong tuuuu.
pullover la.
bhahaa. then my friend took the wheels.
pergi makan abc paling sedap dkat jb !

so,, hung out with yulie and dilla.
went back to their place.
kne lagi 1 joint before balek.
terbhaik cha !
haha. one of the feelings i'll never forget.

life's too short to take too seriously,, dude.
at least i know what its like. ;)