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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


kao dah laen dow.
laen sgt2.
kalao nak ekotkan,, dah brape kali aku terasa hati dgan kao.
but when i think of all the times we spent together,,
aku buat bodo je,, even saket hati.
aku still lepaq dgan kao.
kao ckap aku dah kerek.
but bro,, if only you know how much you mean to me.
and how i worship you in front of them.
aku rase dah distant dgan kao.
yess,, aku ade someone special now.
that doesnt mean we cant hang out mcm dulu.
mcm mane pon,, my friends comes 1st.
aku dah pernah ckap dah kann.
why cant u just be happy for me.
why cant you be happy when im happy.
sedey dow.
sedey sgt.